A Sailing Weekend for our Hungarian Partners


Overcoming mere thoughts of competition and mutually broadening commercial possibilities was the driving rationale behind a special social event that took place over the weekend and involved our partners as well as other operators active in the Hungarian market.

The Port of Rotterdam, MSC, Hungaria Intermodal logistics enterprise and Luka Koper together organized a sailing weekend for Hungarian business partners. At exactly 8 am on Sunday 21st May, four sports sail vessels with Hungarian partners on board and mixed crews drawn from the aforementioned concerns, weighed anchor in Portoro┼ż marina and set sail down the northern Adriatic to Pula. Returning to Portoro┼ż later that day, this event further strengthened the friendly links between operators and business partners alike, and was especially interesting for all those who had never before had the pleasure of traversing these delightful waters.