Acquisition of new business by way of foreign capital


Luka Koper’s subsidiary Adria Terminali has a new shareholder: Trade Trans Terminal, part of the Bratislava-based logistics provider Trade Trans Invest a.s., has acquired a 49% stake in Adria Terminali d.o.o.

TTT is an international group engaged in the provision of transport services within Central and Eastern Europe, thus sharing a degree of synergy with Luka Koper, a company that is striving to become the leading port and logistics system provider for this very same part of the continent. Luka Koper's ambitious plans for the development of new inland terminals are common knowledge, whilst at the same time TTT operates its own extensive logistics network. Luka Koper already co-operates with the TTT group - and MAV, Hungarian state railways - on the establishment of a container terminal near Arad (Romania). Thus the company believes that this new foreign partner’s shareholding shall not only be reflected in the increased volume of Adria Terminali operations, but also in the acquisition of adequate skills and know-how, which will be capitalised in the further expansion and operation of the European distribution centre at Se┼żana, as well as other inland terminals, both in Slovenia and abroad. Further to this, the Luka Koper Group's previous experience of subsidiary enterprises with mixed capital stemming from foreign investment has proven excellent.