Actively Engaged in the GreenPort Conference


All too frequently the general public (un)duly identifies ports as an agent in polluting the environment. Ever-more ports are facing this perception, and this is something which - due to the development of the ecology - urgently requires a response.

Thus a two-day GreenPort Conference held in Venice witnessed the participation of a number of ports together with a presentation of the latest achievements and practical examples in the field of green logistics provision as well as the efficient use of energy in ports.
Luka Koper also attended the Conference, and representatives of its Employees Health and Ecology Service presented company's activities and achievements in the field of operational impact reduction as well as waste processing and management. The audience was also introduced to Luka Koper’s plans in the implementation of modern energy efficient technologies, the generation of energy from renewable sources, as well as the efficient informing of interested publics as to the activities of the port and measurable results.

GreenPort conference was held in Venice passenger terminal Marittima (photo: Venice port authority).

An opportunity for comparison with other ESPO and EcoPort members
Luka Koper is a member of a number of international associations engaged in various port-development related fields.
European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) and EcoPorts foundationrecently came together and prepared a joint portal. One of the most interesting tools of this new project is undoubtedly SDM (the Self Diagnosis Method), facilitating - through self-assessment and benchmarking - enhanced efficiency in various fields of environmental management through comparison with other European ports.