Adria terminali co-founder of the mixed Italo-Slovene company


Adria terminali, a subsidiary company of Luka Koper, d.d. has in conjunction with italian companies Pacorini and Ocean established a new company GTC (General Cargo Terminal) in which Adria terminali holds a 48% stake. On the constitution assembly held on 5th March 2008 in Trieste, Mr. Paolo Castellani, former commisioner of the Trieste port authority was appointed president of the assembly.

The company GTC was set up in order to enter into competition for the tender for the assignment of the concession to operate the general cargo terminal in the port of Trieste. GTC would focus its activities mainly on timber handling. This represents an opportunity for Luka Koper, d.d. who would therefore move its timber traffic to Trieste and gain additional space for priority cargoes like containers and cars.

The information will be available on company's web site from 7th March 2008 on.