Agriculture Minister Židan Visits Luka Koper


Luka Koper was on Friday, 22nd October, visited by Slovenia’s Minister of Agriculture, Dejan Židan, who met with the company’s Management Board and took a tour of the port which encompassed the inspectorates of the Veterinary, as well as the Agriculture, Forestry and Food administrations. Highly perishable foodstuffs and livestock are important cargos to the port, thus close co-operation with those institutions responsible for the control of such shipments is of extreme importance to Luka Koper in its prompt and timely provision of quality services to its clients. Good co-ordination between Luka Koper, forwarding agencies, the customs and veterinary administrations as well as the phytosanitary inspectorate, facilitate the rapid dispatch of perishable goods - such as fresh fruit and vegetables - which have to reach the shelves of European stores within 24 hours of arriving at the port.
During his discussions, the Minister pointed out that in the context of abiding by legal regulations the organs under his Ministry will do everything in its power to assist the timely provision of logistics operations; Mr Židan also drew attention to the Ministry's role in opening up new business opportunities. In this respect, the establishment of co-operation between Slovene and Egyptian inspectorates is of tremendous importance to Luka Koper because such would significantly enhance the throughput of fresh fruit and vegetables from North Africa.
In addition to some 100,000 tonnes of South American bananas per annum, the Fruit Terminal handles 8,500 reefers (frigo) containing fruit and vegetable imports from Egypt, Israel and Cyprus. Further to this, the Bulk Cargo Terminal annually handles about 600,000 tonnes of soya which is also subject to control by the veterinary administration. The Livestock Terminal has also recorded remarkable growth over the recent years, and 18,000 tonnes of livestock are anticipated to pass through it this year.