An impulse to the development of Luka Koper


Minister Božič assures the modernization of railway connections

Minister of Transport MSc. Janez Božič, speaking on a press conference, concerning actual questions about the railway system, declared how the Ministry will perform the new National programme for development of public railway infrastructure, which is planned to run on schemes. “This year we intend to start the following infrastructural projects: construction of the second railway track between Koper and Divača; realize the modernization of the existent track Divača – Koper; electrification and reconstruction of the Pragersko – Hodoš railway track.”

The modernization of the present railway track to Divača will be finshed in 2008, while the connection to Hungary will be modernized till year 2013. It is planned that the new railway connection between Koper and Divača will be completed in 2015. For priority projects  of the national programme about 10 billion Euros will be needed. A considerable portion of this amount will be contributed by the EU.

The modernization of the present  track Koper-Divača itself will increase the capacity for 30%, which should be sufficient for the next six years. But only the new railway connection will completely solve the problem of congestion. The new connection will double present capacities and will also allow faster transit, consequently this means a long-term infrastructural solution for the Port of Koper and for the whole Slovenian economy.