Austrian President Dr Heinz Fischer Visits Luka Koper


On 20th April, Dr Heinz Fischer, President of the Republic of Austria, and his team visited Luka Koper as part of his two-day visit to Slovenia. Received by the company's Management Board, guests were provided a presentation of Luka Koper's operations and business plans, and all concerned agreed that a number of opportunities exist for future collaboration. Indeed, 's maritime trade amounts to some 18 million tonnes of cargo per annum, and the northern Adriatic is the country's nearest seaboard. Today, Koper handles about one-third of all Austrian overseas trade and, after Rotterdam, it is ’s second most important port.

In 2010, Luka Koper handled a record 4.6 million tonnes of cargo on behalf of its Austrian partners, which is a year-on increase of thirty-eight percent. Great progress has been achieved in container freight, which amounted to 64,361 TEUs in 2010, fifty-nine percent up on 2009. Raw materials, fuels, project cargos and vehicles account for the major portion of imports, whilst exports include timber, steel stock and manufactures, together with a variety of container freight. Accounting for some thirty percent of total cargo passing through the Port of Koper , is Luka Koper's second most important market.

Dr Heinz Fischer, President of the Republic of Austria (left) and Gregor Veselko, President of the Management board of Luka Koper