Connecting Europe Facility Budget Approved


Last week, the European Parliament approved the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) budget for investments in the pan-European transport, energy and digital communication networks in 2014-2020 period. Of the 29.3 billion euro total, 23.2 billion euros will be invested in transport infrastructure, i.e. Europe’s TEN-T transport network projects. 

Members of the European Parliament separately decided upon guidelines defining the principles of operation and common priorities in the completion of the TEN-T network whose objective is to connect large European cities and ports, thereby establishing an efficient trans-European transport network. The Port of Koper is thus officially included in the Baltic-Adriatic and Mediterranean corridor connecting the North, South, East and West of the European continent. In its provision of new possibilities for the application of EU funds in much needed infrastructure projects, this approval is great importance for Slovenia.