Construction works for garage started


Luka Koper has started this year a series of major investments, aimed at increasing capacity.

Preparation works for the garage started in November, the works should last one year. The new garage will have a capacity of 6,000 parking spaces, which will increase the annual throughput for around 162,000 cars. The construction of the garage will meet the increasing demand of customers for covered storage areas, while increasing the unique storage capacity and improving the internal logistics of car transshipment. The new garage shall be built considering also specific requirements of electric vehicles logistics.


Luka Koper has started this year a series of major investments, aimed at increasing capacity especially on the Container and at the Car & RO-RO terminal. Intensive construction works are going on various locations around the port, here are the busiest ones:  


Extension of the Container terminal

The test drillings for deep foundations are in the final phase, the next step is to move with the construction of the quayside. The quayside will lay on 134 piles, drilled 50 – 60 meters below the seabed.

The Pier I extension project anticipates the construction of a quayside 98.5 metres long and 34.4 meters wide, as well as the construction of a hinterland area on the pier’s southern side with a total size of 24,830 m2. The length of Pier I on the southern side, designated for container handling, will be 695 metres. The whole investment which is expected to be completed in 2021 will result in a container terminal able to handle at least 1.5 million TEUs annually.


New RO-RO berth

At the edge of Basin 3 we are currently building up a new RO-RO berth for car-carriers. The berth will consist of a series of individual dolphins against which ships can lean, as well as a concrete loading ramp. The surrounding sea bed will be dredged as well. The new berth will significantly shorten the internal transportation routes, especially those to the warehouses on the right bank of the river Ri┼żana.  The new berth shall have a positive effect on damage ratio and shall improve quality of loading/unloading operations.


New railway access for car terminal

The north-eastern part of the port, where cars are mostly stored, is the only area which lacks access to the railway network. A decision was adopted to set up a new series of railway tracks that will facilitate the work and speed up loading and unloading of cars from railway wagons. The project anticipates a construction of four 700-meter-long parallel railway tracks with hydraulic lifting ramps placed at each track’s end, permitting the un-/loading of vehicles. The RO-RO berth and the new railway access should be completed in the first quarter of 2020.


New truck gate Sermin

In May 2019 we opened a second truck gate on the eastern part of the port. Positive effects are already visible on the whole port traffic situation.