Corona info



The port remains fully operational during the epidemic 

We can assure that the Port of Koper is currently fully operational despite various safety measures taken to protect employees and everyone else in the port area and to reduce the spreading of the Covid 19 infection. The border post control and customs authorities are working 24/7 and in compliance of safety measures, ensuring safe traffic of goods.

We would like to inform you that rail freight traffic across all border crossings and on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia is running normally. Despite certain limitations of road traffic in neighbouring countries and on road border crossings, road freight traffic, including transit road freight traffic is running normally.

Due to the Covid-19 and in order to support health and safety in road freight Transport, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Slovenia has suspended the limitation for truck traffic in Slovenia - vehicles with a maximum permissible weight more than 7.500 kg - on Sundays and non-working days from 8 am to 9 pm and on Friday before Easter holiday (10.4.20)  from 2 pm to 9 pm.

The logistic route through the Port of Koper and through Slovenia is working without disruptions and reliably. 


Mandatory safety measures for everyone entering the port during the epidemic

1. Keep social distance – at least 2 meters from another person,

2. In the event that you cannot provide a proper safety distance, be sure to cover your mouth and nose with a mask or other alternative solutions, such as cloth, scarves, buff, etc.

3. Do not gather in the same enclosed or outdoor areas,

4. Make sure that the rooms are ventilated regularly,

5. Do not touch your eyes, mouth and nose,

6. Observe cough hygiene,

7. Wash your hands regularly with soap,

8. If you encounter a person showing signs of coronavirus infection (cough, respiratory problems, malaise, fever) call the Port of Koper Security Control Center at  +386 5 6656 950.

9. In case of illness, stay at home.

By not taking action, you are endangering yourself and others. This violates the internal acts of Luka Koper, d.d. and national law, which is subject to sanctions.


Other important information 

1) Notice about adjusted shift schedules:

We have adjusted the shift timetables on the Container terminal, General cargo terminal, Iron ore & coal and dry bulk terminals and on Liquid bulk terminal. This measure aims to minimize the contact between working teams. Operations on the mentioned terminals will be performed according to the following time schedule:

  • 1st shift     06:00- 13:15
  • 2nd shift    14:00- 21:15
  • 3rd shift     22:00- 05:15

2) We inform you  that we have upgraded the Vehicle Booking System (VBS) functionality that now enables partial paperless operations for container trucks. Please find more information in the attached file.

3) Protocol for handling suspected infectious diseases in the port - CLICK 

4) Communication with vessel crews - CLICK

You can monitor the operational status of terminals on