Delegation from the Port Authority of Trieste paid a visit to Luka Koper


On the 8th of October a delegation from the Port Authority of Trieste, guided by Mr. Claudio Boniciolli, president of the Authority, paid a visit to Luka Koper. The guests were received by Mr. Robert Časar, Mr. Aldo Babič, M.Sc., Mr. Marjan Babič, M.Sc. and Mr. Milan Pučko. During the first official visit of the management of the Port of Trieste in Koper the discussion went on about those fields in which the cooperation between the ports would be possible: sea protection, safety of the navigation, common promotion at international fairs, IT support, infrastructural connection of the ports with the hinterland, railway connection between the two ports, cooperation on joint projects to partake in EU founds. Mr. Časar would like the North Adriatic ports to present their selves together at the next fair in Munich as this is the most important logistics fair in Europe. Mr. Boniciolli suggested cooperation also in the field of tourism taking into account that the Koper's passenger terminal could take over part of the tourist bound for the Venice port which is overloaded. Koper's hinterland and Slovenia offer a variety of tourist attractions. Mr. Časar and Mr. Boniciolli confirmed their wish to continue deepening their contacts and already talked about the future visit in Trieste.