Development of the European Distribution Centre in Sežana


Sežana, 25th October 2007 - The company Luka Koper, d.d., Municipality of Sežana, Ministry of the Economy, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of the Environment have signed a letter of intent for the European Distribution Centre project in Sežana. With the letter all parties have binded themselves to contribute within their power, competence and interests to the successful realization of the project.
Congruent with its development objectives and in order to free up space within the port area, Luka Koper made the decision to develop a European Distribution Centre (EDC) at Sežana, a town adjacent the Italian frontier. The reason behind the choice of Sežana is its favourable location, namely its proximity to the Fifth and the Tenth Pan-European corridors, together with the commensurate mainline rail and motorway infrastructure. In addition to this Sežana also lies close to four northern Adriatic ports (Koper, Trieste, Monfalcone and Rijeka) as well as two international airports (Ljubljana and Ronchi dei Legionari).
Utilising its own financial resources, as well as through borrowing, Luka Koper is to provide basic infrastructure, whereas warehousing, plant and other logistics-related facilities will be created in accordance with the requirements of individual partners. Some time ago, in order to meet this objective, Luka Koper purchased realty from BTC Terminal Sežana and neighbouring proprietors, and established Adria Terminali, a company which currently operates some 120,000 m2 of the Sežana site. The EDC shall ultimately cover at least 650,000 m2, the largest part of which will be leased to partners.
Thus far the purchases have amounted to about 15 million euros. Due to the fact that construction works will be accomplished in stages, it is difficult to anticipate the final total costs; estimates are in the region of 80 million euros.