The Port of Koper, operated by the company Luka Koper d. d., represents an object of special importance for the Republic of Slovenia. The security regime in the ports is regulated by international rules (ISPS Code, European Regulation on Enhancing Ship and Port Facility Security – EC 725/2004 and Directive on Port Security – EC 65/2005), as well as by national legislation (Private Security Act – Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia no. 17/11) and internal acts of the company Luka Koper d. d. (Rules on Internal Order in Luka Koper).

The task of human life- and property protection within the Port of Koper protected area is performed by the Port Security Department. The staff members from the security department perform their duties in line with the aforementioned rules and internal acts of the Luka Koper d. d. company.

Please be informed that in order to implement the rules stated above and with the goal of guaranteeing security, the company Luka Koper d. d. is introducing the permits for truck drivers that will be obligatory starting from 1 May 2018. The permits, issued by the Port Security Department, will be a prerequisite (condition) for entering the Port of Koper protected area. 


The Port Security Department will issue two types of permits for truck drivers:

A. Annual permit:

1. The Annual permit will be issued on the basis of the Request for the issue of annual permit, which has to be submitted by the responsible person from the truck driver’s company.

2. The criterion for granting the annual permit is that the truck driver enters the port area at least four (4) times a month.


B. One-time entry permit:

1. One-time entry permit will be issued directly at the External Truck Terminal which is operated by the Luka Koper INPO company.

2. This type of permit will be issued to the truck drivers who enter the port three (3) times (or less) a month.


Starting from 1 May 2018, the entry to the Port of Koper will be possible only with a valid permit.

For more information, please visit https://www.luka-kp.si/eng/information-for-truckers


“Request for the issue of annual permit” has to be submitted by the responsible person of the legal entity (i.e. responsible person from truck driver’s company).

Attention! The permit elaboration process will take some time and will proceed in an optimal way only if you provide us with complete and accurate information. For this purpose, we advise you to begin with the collection of all required information and truck drivers’ statements immediately. By promptly submitting accurate information to the Port Security Department staff, you will contribute to the timely issue of permits. All permits for which we will receive “Request for the issue of annual permit” by 15 April 2018, will be issued free of charge (gratis). After this date, the issue of permits will be charged based on valid price list of the Luka Koper d.d. company.