ESPO 2010 Awarded in Brussels


For the second year in succession, the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) has selected the best project in relation to the societal integration of ports.

The Living With The Port project isLuka Koper’s first entry to the competition, and systematically deals with the port’s contact points with the broader milieu in which it operates, as well as successfully develops these by addressing such issues as communication, environmental protection, as well as its relationship and co-operation with the local community. Further to Koper, the other shortlisted ports were Amsterdam, Antwerp, Helsinki, Marseilles and Ponta Delgada .
The ceremony was held on Tuesday 9th November at Brussels Town Hall , and the prestigious ESPO Award for 2010 went to the Port of Helsinki for its project entitled The Port As Part Of The City.

The Koper project was praised for the thoughtful way it dealt with the challenges faced locally. The ten-member commission established that, despite limited resources, a relatively small and young port on the European map was efficiently implementing projects which promote societal integration in relation to its operations. Unlike most European ports, Luka Koper d.d. fully finances all port investments itself.

By way of its Living With the Port project, Luka Koper engaged in the prevention and elimination of environmental impacts at their very source – within the port itself. To that end, the tangible results of the numerous environmental protection measures (such as anti-dust and anti-noise protection, intense greening of the port zone, attention to seawater quality) are publicly disclosed online at Luka Koper's sustainable development web portal: In addition, the company has also initiated open dialogue and communication with the local community via various channels and approaches, including some quite innovative ones in the sphere of ports. Further to supporting the educational sector and the development of the University of Primorska , the company has for decades supported local projects – such as the creation of the passenger terminal and the preparation of the National Spatial Plan, as well as participated in joint ventures with the community and the support of local events and heritage. 

Financial aspects of the Living With the Port project from January 2000 to May 2010

Amount (€)

Sponsorships and donations


National Spatial Plan


Ecology and environmental protection activities


Local and municipal infrastructure


Accessibility of the port to visitors and awareness-raising amongst local population