Green logistics in practise


Today, the reduction of environmental impacts is practically part of every company's strategy, and Luka Koper is no exception in this respect; indeed, such orientation sometimes proves to be an economic advantage. DHL’s Koper office has just celebrated its first anniversary and the very successful operation of its Multinational Gateway in DHL's global LCL (less than container load) services network. Further to organising transport and distribution services for Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Balkan states via the Port of Koper, all of these markets are also directly connected to the Far East. DHL's Multinational Gateway in Koper is one of six worldwide, and the company’s decision to use our port was - in addition to commercial reasons - also facilitated by the shorter maritime route to Far East markets. In the words of Jens Andersen, European LCL services manager, the Port of Koper not only enjoys a most favourable geographic position, the shortest maritime route and transit time, it is also a most environment-friendly selection due to the expenditure of 30% less CO2 emissions when compared to using ports on the opposite side of the European continent.