In Valencia about best practices in integrating ports and territory


In conjunction with the three-year project PORTA, which is co-funded from the European regional development fund, Valencia hosted on the 18th October 2012 the conference Port and territory - key to integration. It is known that most ports cope with similar challenges because of port’s proximity to urban areas. 

Port cities have on one hand very specific problems, and on the other important development opportunities, especially in these times of crisis. Cohabitation efforts are oriented towards environment and prevention activities, such as urbanistic solutions and social-economic initiatives, which can contribute to quality of life and social safety. 

Luka Koper, who is also cooperating within the PORTA project, presented its development plans and best practices including the passenger terminal, environment innovations and communication with local community through the portal Living with the port ( The conference was attended also by Dr. Anton Gosar, dean of Faculty of Tourism Studies Portoro┼ż .