Industry and the Environment: Co-existing in Harmony


Gregor Veselko, President of Luka Koper's Management Board, welcomed ’s Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Mr Roko Žarnić upon his first visit to the port and the unveiling of a tactile scale model of Koper’s Škocjanski Zatok nature reserve for the benefit of blind and visually impaired visitors.

The maintenance and protection of a healthy environment has been a longstanding priority of Luka Koper. The company invested € 31 million in sustainable development over the past decade, the major portion of which was used in ensuring environmental protection and the conservation of local habitats and ecosystems. The Minister - who, of course, has taken into consideration all the sustainable components which are guaranteed under the National Spatial Plan for the future development of the Port of Koper - took a tour of the port and expressed his support to its further expansion: “As to the National Spatial Plan, now it's up to the Italian government which expects a full translation of the entire documentation. Although we are not liable to undertake such a translation, we'll do it anyway, in order to accelerate the process.” The Minister expects the National Spatial Plan to be adopted in early 2011.

Luka Koper allocates a great deal of financial resources to sponsorship and donation, which has encompassed longstanding collaboration with BirdLife Slovenia, the NGO which administers the Škocjanski Zatok reserve. Following their official tour, Minister Žarnić and Management Board President Veselko visited the Škocjanski Zatok nature reserve, which lies just a few hundred meters away from the heart of the port zone. There, together with representatives of BirdLife Slovenia, they unveiled a three dimensional scale model of the reserve. This tactile replica shall help familiarise the blind and visually impaired with the diverse wildlife that makes its home in these brackish wetlands, as well as learn about Istrian flora and fauna.

The model was financed by Luka Koper's Living With the Port fund.