Ivo Konstantinov – new representative of Luka Koper for the Bolgarian and Romanian markets


Since the 1st of August 2007 Mr. Ivo Konstantinov took over the direction of the Bulgarian and the Romanian markets. The idea of establishing a representative office arose last year during an official visit that a delegation with representatives of the Slovenian government and business paid to Bulgaria. The visit was attended also by Mr. Robert Časar, President of the Management Board of Luka Koper, d.d.   

Among the aims set by Mr. Konstantinov, there is the analysis of the possibility to establish a ro-ro line between the ports of Burgas and Koper. Bulgaria and Romania, especially its western part, represent a great potential for us, foremost after becoming members of the EU. The city Ruse (Russe), where the representative office will be located, is situated in Bulgaria on the border with Romania, has half a million of inhabitants and an important fluvial port as well as good connections with Black sea ports of Burgas, Varna and Costanza. Mr. Konstantinov relies also on the cargo flows of the fast developing economies of the Caspian basin, those are Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, that are transiting via Bulgaria. He is sure that in the future the inland terminal of Sežana will play an important role in the inland transportation of cargo originating in Bulgaria and Romania and bound for Italy. 

Mr. Konstantinov already has an interesting CV. He used to direct for 2 years the transportation department of one of the most important Bulgarian forwarding companies, was for 4 year first secretary at the Bulgarian Embassy in Ljubljana and worked for 2 years in the field of international commerce.  

Mr. Konstantinov can be reached by phone at +386 40 19 19 00.