Korean delegation visited Koper


A state delegation from South Korea, headed by Mr Park Gyeong Chel, Director of the Shipping and Logistics Bureau at Korea’s Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, visited Luka Koper on 19th April.  In addition to government representatives, the 13-member delegation also included officials from some of the country’s largest logistics and transport providers, as well as two eminent banks.

The dynamic South Korean economy is looking to increase its maritime connections with Europe as a whole, and specifically with the new EU member states. In addition to Koper, the delegation is to visit Trieste in Italy, Rijeka and Ploče in Croatia, as well as Odessa in the Ukraine.

During their visit to Koper, the Koreans revealed that they were particularly interested in the possibilities of co-operation in the field of logistics. The main issues of their discussions with Mr Robert Časar, President of the Luka Koper Management Board, and his associates, were the capacities and maritime facilities of the Port of Koper. Special attention was paid to Luka Koper’s development plans and imminent infrastructure projects, further to which they expressed their interest in co-investing in the development of the port as well as the Sežana logistics centre.  

Korea is already one of Luka Koper’s most important partners, indeed the port handles a significant portion of their car industry exports. Of late, there has also been an ongoing increase in Korean container freight destined for the Kia assembly plant in Slovakia, as well as traffic in steel semi-manufactures products.  The Koreans would like to establish a distribution centre for both these cargos in Koper. Further to discussions with Samsung, which is looking to supply its Hungarian and Slovak markets via Koper, Luka Koper expects to conclude a significant new contract for the supply of the new Hyundai plant in the Czech Republic.