Kormoran – our first antipollution vessel


Luka Koper's marine safety and environmental protection department has recently acquired its first antipollution vessel for interventions in case of sea pollutions.  Kormoran, a special vessel type named Gabbiano, measures 7.7 meters, has 70 hp and all the necessary equipment to respond at minor pollutions. 

The Marine safety and environmental protection dept. was established in 2006 to perform services related to the prevention and elimination of the consequences of sea polution in the port area (in accordance to the agreement between the Slovenian Government and Luka Koper).  Up till now the interventions were carried on by the company Crismani based on an agreement with Luka Koper. The new acquisition will enable the Marine safety dept. to take over all the duties related to sea protection and will take all the necessary measures in case of accidents.

In future we are planning to purchase three other vessels: a larger vessel Omnia Nautica, 10,6 m long will be delivered till the end of this month.