Logistics Operators Combine Knowhow in a Competence Centre


Together with its partners in the field of logistics provision, Luka Koper  has been selected to establish and operate a competence centre for the development of logistics personnel. Led by Intereuropa d.d., the 2012-2015 project was initiated on the basis of a public tender and involves sixteen participating companies. In addition to Intereuropa and Luka Koper, the project also includes Europacific, MSC, CMA-CGM, Frikus, Jadroagent, Globus, Shipco, Transocean shipping, Interservice, ABF, Adria Terminali, Adria Transport, Interagent and Intereuropa-FLG. 

At the meeting held on 27th May 2013, the partners adopted an agreement and determined their mutual obligations and modes of participation in the project. The website of this project was also presented and at http://www.koc-logistika.si/ all interested parties can find more information about the competence centre and its activities. 

The project aims to provide higher qualifications to personnel involved in the provision of integrated logistics services, and consequently improve competitiveness of the partner companies. The project's objective shall be accomplished through the elaboration of a competence model typical to the logistics sector; in turn, this will be used to identify deficiencies, and through the planned education courses develop competences to the required level by 2015. 

Further to this, the project's goal is to exchange knowledge and best practice among the partners, and thereby provide and promote education in selected logistics-related professions. Over the next three years, the courses will be eighty-five percent funded by the EU’s European Social Fund and fifteen percent by the Republic of Slovenia.