Luka Koper Acquires AEO Certificate


Luka Koper, d.d. acquired an AEO certificate, thereby gaining Authorised Economic Operator status. AEO certification testifies to the fact that the Luka Koper customs zone is a safe area, and that cargo transported via the Port of Koper is subject to a very low degree of risk. Luka Koper’s acknowledgement as a trustworthy, safe and reliable business partner can be attributed to the efficient security system within the port zone, as well as compliance with customs regulations and standards. The company's quality IT infrastructure aimed at the management of business and transport records assures the customs service adequate control over everyday activities. Further to this, acquisition of Authorised Economic Operator was also promoted by the company's regular fulfilment of its financial liabilities.

Provision of higher security in the supply chain was first implemented in the USA following the terrorist attacks of 11th September 2001. The American practise was afterwards also introduced in the EU, which enforced the status of Authorised Economic Operator within the 2005 amendments to the Community Customs Code. The amendments mainly relate to the enhancement of security at the EU’s external borders and, by means of the application of information technology, facilitate the more rapid flow of goods through simplified customs procedures. The AEO certificate is also relevant from a commercial perspective due to the fact that it corroborates the quality of port services.

Official AEO certificate (from left: Gregor Veselko, President of the Management Board Luka Koper, d.d., Milan Bogatič, Director of Koper Customs Office.