Luka Koper, d.d. will present itself in London at the Slovenian Capital Market Day


Today, on the 25th of November, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange will host a Slovenian Capital Market Day at the London Stock Exchange.

The event has been planned to introduce six leading Slovenian companies to London’s investment community and explain developments in the Slovenian capital markets, including macroeconomic prospects of Slovenia, new economic reforms and privatisation plans. Presentations will be followed by individual meetings between the investors and the shareholding companies which are Droga kolinska, Gorenje, Krka, Mercator, Merkur and Luka Koper.

Luka Koper has been present on the Ljubljana stock exchange market since 1996. In 2004 the company realized 16,733 billions SIT (=69.8 M EUR) of operating revenues and 4,182 billion SIT (=17.4 M EUR) of after – tax profit. The this year 9-month business results with 15,000 billion SIT (=62.6 M EUR) of operating revenues (21% more in comparison to the same period last year) and an after-tax profit of 3,062 billion SIT (=12.8 M EUR) (24% increase) shows an exceedingly positive trend.

The Luka Koper's share is a safe investment that ensures a stable, long-term growth of the value and a good yield.