Luka Koper – for new horizons


In the year, in which our company is celebraiting its 50th Anniversary, new horizons are approaching.
1. Building permit for the extention of the Pier N. 1

The container terminal at the Port of Koper was constructed 30 years ago, in an era when containerisation had only just began. Today, containerisation is rapidly increasing, as is the flow of goods between Europe and the Far East, which is also partly attributable to the expansion of the EU and the economic growth of its new member states.

Container freight at Luka Koper has risen steeply over recent years, and the average annual growth rate was 19% between 2002 and 2005. This year has been particularly successful – even three months prior to year’s end, we have already surpassed the annual record set in 2006. Based on the current trend, we anticipate a throughput close to 300,000 TEUs by the end of 2007.

In order to adjust to contemporary requirements, and based on developments in maritime trade as well as the existing range of services at the port, a new container terminal needs to be constructed at the third pier. A final decision on the new terminal has yet to be made, but the fact remains that Luka Koper desperately needs new facilities. A temporary, medium-term solution is the project elaborated for theextension of the Pier No. 1, for which the building permit was issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning this September and which shall provide the current container terminal with an additional berth as well as new quayside areas for container handling.

The aforementioned extension project complies with the statutory requirements pertaining to land use as well as other development regulations, and by way of its accomplishment Luka Koper shall acquire 27,600 m2 of new areas. The project's investment value – which also includes two postpanamax cranes – amounts to some 50 million Euros.

The initial step in construction will be the creation of a dyke around the area, after which the water can be drained. Next is the construction of 146.4 m long and 34.40 m wide quayside, together with a 45 m wide hinterland construction. The new quayside will be grounded on steel piles driven into the seabed. The third phase will encompass the completion of the remaining 60 m long and 51 m wide inland area. It is anticipated that these works will take 22 months to complete.

The total area of the new storage facility (not including the new quayside) will ultimately amount to 22,570 m2, thus extending the existing container terminal area by about a third. The technology employed will remain the same. Accomplishment of this project shall be an extremely significant acquisition for Luka Koper, allowing the company to at meet the demands and requirements of large and important business partners who direct their container freight via our port and whose business is crucial to our own future. 

2. Maritime Throughput in the First Nine Months of 2007 

According to initial estimates, Luka Koper handled 11.2 million tonnes of goods between January and September 2007, which is 80% of the cargo throughput achieved in the whole of last year. The largest increases have been recorded at the container, car and general cargo terminals. Container freight is up by 44% on the same period last year, whereas vehicles are over 28% higher.

Parallel with the increase in maritime freight, there's also been a rise in rail transport. Despite September's block of the track between Divača and Zgornje Ležeče stations, the company has - in the first nine months - handled 145,918 wagons, which is an increase of 21,373 wagons (17%) on the same period last year. Successful business co-operation with Slovenske Železnice, Slovenia’s national rail operator, in accordance with the port's requirements, is also evident by the number of trains dispatched per day – on 29th September their number totalled 34, which is a new record for the port.

3. After Sežana, Divača. Then East Along The 5th European Transport Corridor to the East 

In accordance with Luka Koper’s development strategy by 2015, the company purchased three hectares of land from the Divača Municipality where a new inland terminal capable of handling various types of general cargo will be constructed. In addition to the realty purchase, the investment anticipates the construction of covered storage area for goods such as timber, which may need additional handling or ancillary treatment. By way of this investment, the company will be able to free-up overburdened capacities at the port. 

4. A New Admin Building For Luka Koper 

Luka Koper received a building permission for the new administrative headquaters which will be located in in the area between the roundabout at the port entrance and the so-called Barka, The construction work will soon be underway. This investment, valued at some 12 million euros, will take two years to complete. The new eight-storey premises will have a ground floor, services floor and two basements offering 180 parking spaces. It is anticipated that the old headquarters will be rented to Luka Koper  business partners from all over the world. 

5.  A promising business year 2007

Current business results and the forecast for the next months indicates the total maritime throughput shall reach about 15 million tonnes. Operating revenues and profit will register at least 10% growth, mainly because better structure of handled cargo (40% growth of containers and 20% growth of cars).