Luka Koper in Istanbul


This year, Luka Koper presented its operations for the first time at the Logitrans transport-logistics fair in Istanbul. The decision to participate was for the most part due to the fact that Turkey is currently one of the few countries enjoying high economic growth, besides which it is Luka Koper's single most important market for vehicles. The company presented the advantages of the Port of Koper at the fair, as well as its efforts to extend the use of containers and European short-sea shipping services to cargos which are currently transported overland. In its desire to provide potential clients with an integrated service, as well as achieve greater visibility, Luka Koper participated at the fair with two of its partners - Centralog and Transocean Shipping. 
Luka Koper regularly participates at a variety of events related to its longstanding presence on the Turkish market. Standing at the northernmost reach of the Adriatic Sea, the Port of Koper provides shippers with an important advantage in establishing trade links between the EU and Turkey. Indeed, the European Union currently accounts for some 60% of Turkey’s international trade, and in its handling of vehicles and containers in particular, the Port of Koper is playing an increasingly important role.