Luka Koper in the company of Europe's most friendly ports


For the second time, Luka Koper participated at the competition for the European Sea Ports Organisation Award and made it to the finals. The ESPO Award is a way to stimulate over 1,200 European ports to become friendlier and more open to the local population.

Luka Koper has intensively opened and connected with the local community in various ways over the last decade. Some of the most evident activities include the following: 
-          traditional Open Door Day 
-          web portal Living with the Port 
-          the brochure entitled Luka Koper, Okno V Svet (Port of Koper, Window To the World) 
-          a leaflet containing interesting and less known facts about our port 
-          people can also get closer insight into what is happening in the port via Facebook. 
Luka Koper financially supports a number of local and regional projects, strives to make the port more environment-friendly and greener and produces in-house olive oil. In addition, we invest in green technologies and constantly reduce environmental impacts. Luka Koper is – further to the Port of Valencia, Spain – the only port in Europe to hold EMAS environmental certificate. 

17 European ports participated at this year's ESPO Award competition, and only 3 – Koper, Stockholm, Sweden, and Thessaloniki, Greece – were shortlisted. The Award was granted Wednesday during a ceremony held in Brussels, and the prestigious statue was taken home by the Sweden.