Luka Koper: No.1 for Hungary


Established last October by the Ministries of Economy of the respective countries, the Slovene-Hungarian Business Board, which joins together companies, organisations and private individuals who share similar interests in both markets, has had its second meeting. This event was devoted to a presentation by Luka Koper and focused on the company’s introduction of inland terminals in and neighbouring countries. The Hungarian government delegation, headed by Mr Sándor Kálnoki KisCommissioner for Inter-Ministerial Co-ordination of the Integrated Development of the Záhony Region, presented its perspective on the future development of an inland terminal at Záhony on ’s frontier with the , as well as foreign investments options.

Further to this, the co-presiding members of the Business Board, Mr Robert Časar and Mr Peter Lorincze, had a meeting with Mr Ábel Garamhegy, State Secretary for international business relations at ’s Ministry of Economy. The State Secretary was in particular interested in development plans for the Port of Koper and the expansion of its facilities consequent to rapid the rapid growth in trade between and . The throughput of cargo pertaining to the Hungarian market via Koper is rising sharply. This year Luka Koper‘s has already outdistanced the Port of Hamburg as regards container freight operations.




Mr Peter Lorincze, Mr Ábel Garamhegy and Mr Robert Časar.