Luka Koper praised for excellence


The company Luka Koper received the European praise for business excellence by the foundation EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). This is one of the most prestigious praises conferred by the Belgium foundation for outstanding practice in managing the organisation and achieving results.

The assessment took place in Luka Koper from the 12th of May to the 1st of July by the accredited assessors Mr. Patrrick Iribarne and Mr. George Wilson. They closely examined the company, made a number of interviews with employees and study the organisation’s documentation.  On the bases of separate evaluations 601 to 650 points were conferred. The mark is exceptional if we consider that till now the best awarded companies as for example Siemens and Nokia have received 700 points.

Luka Koper registered for the praise »Recognised for Excellence« to make a comparison with the best European companies.  At the end of the assessment it was clear that Luka Koper could register not only for the praise but for the most important EFQM award for which it is enough to get 400 points. Nevertheless Luka Koper is going to continue cultivate business excellence and has good possibilities to achieve the EFQM award next year.