Mr. Robert Časar at CEE Rail in Budapest


From the 15th to the 17th October the international conference CEE Rail 2007 is taking place in Budapest. Once a year the Hungarian capitol hosts the event which is dedicated to the Central and Eastern European railway industry. Upon the organizers invitation Mr. Robert Časar, president of the Management Board of Luka Koper, is participating this year with his speech. On the first conference day during his contribution with the title “Connecting Europe to the Far-East: market opportunities and potentials” Mr. Časar presented Luka Koper’s projects, especially the extension of the container terminal in the Port of Koper as well as the main activities of the daughter companies Adria Transport and Adria Terminali, who are becoming the holders of the logistics activity in the Luka Koper group.   

Časar: “As the needs for transportations are growing … there is an actual need for an alternative route, especially for Eastern European markets, so this is an opportunity we should take advantage of. We in Luka Koper are offering a high quality product, expanding activities especially by developing logistics and distribution.  …. As our company is willing to overcome problems, we started with new strategic concepts. On one hand we started with our own network of inland terminals and on the other we started to organize our own railway service.”