New environmental projects


At its 24th session on Tuesday 22nd April 2008, the Luka Koper Supervisory Board appointed a new Workers’ Director to the Management Board. Boris Marzi, the former Manager of the Environmental Protection and Safety at Work Office at Luka Koper d.d., has been employed by the company for over 10 years, graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana and the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport in Portoro┼ż, where he also attained a Master’s degree.

Further to this, the Supervisory Board also endorsed two ecological projects. The first is the establishment of a new company - Ecoporto Koper d.o.o. -  to process sludge water into fuel oil. Vessels arriving at the port discharge oily ballast and slops from washing, this waste is currently - via an authorised company - collected and destroyed. Using innovative technology, the new enterprise will allow Luka Koper to process contaminated water into fuel oil that may sold and used as bunkering. The technology involved is completely non-invasive (separation of water and oil) and does not entail any harmful discharges into the environment. The total value of this project is in the region of 5.5 million euros, and there is also the possibility of EU funding. Luka Koper shall invest 1,370,000 euros and take a 24.9% stake in Ecoporto Koper. The venture is anticipated to commence early next year, and the company will derive its operating revenues from the collection of oily-waters and the sale of the reprocessed fuel oil. Based on profitability forecasts, the investment should pay for itself in four years.

The second project is the establishment of a two-megawatt photovoltaic power plant, which envisages the installation of photovoltaic cell arrays on the roofs of warehousing. Such a facility will require an area of 14,000 m2 (indeed, there is over 200,000 m2 of roofing within the port), and the total value of this project is estimated to be in the region of 11 million euros. Luka Koper shall invest 2,739,000 euros in the new company - Adia Sole d.o.o. -  an amount which shall likewise provide it with a 24.9% stake. This project too is anticipated to be eligible for European financing. Considering the subventions provided by the Republic of Slovenia in the purchase of power generated by alternative sustainable sources, the investment should pay off within six years.

It should be pointed out that both ecological projects are in accordance with Luka Koper‘s strategy to become an environment-friendly “green” port. At the same time, however, the commercial possibilities should not be overlooked. Due to the high - and ever increasing - price of energy, such investments are becoming ever more important.