Northern Adriatic Ports connected with India


Shippowner Sermar Line and Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) established the container feeder connection beetwen Northern Adriatic and India.

Regular container line will connect Koper, Ravenna and Venice (members of NAPA association) with indian ports Nava Sheva and Mundra. Thanks to this line the Northern Adriatic hes become the entery  point for Indian cargo for markets of Central and Eastern Europe and, vice versa an option  for European cargo to reach in a few days important and quickly increasing Indian market.

Vessels will sail on the route Venice – Koper – Ravenna – Port Said West – Salalah (Oman) – Colombo (Sri lanka) – Nava Sheva (India) – Mundra (India). Indian cargo will sail until Port Said with shipowner SCI and  from there further to Adriatic with Sermar Line. Transit time from Koper till India is 21 – 23 days and 13 days to Oman, in the import direction 16 – 18 days from India and 14 days from Oman.

On the Italian side Sermar Line and Gruppo Fermura will take care for agency  business. On the Slovenian side Transagent Koper, who is the agent of shipowner SCI will be in charge.

One of the targets of NAPA association is also the increase of container traffic with Middle and Far East markets. To achieve the increase of cargo shipments additional investments in the infrastructure and the introduction of new regular container lines (for example Maersk Line beetwen far East and north Adriatic) will be neccessary. Advantages and plans of Northern Adriatic ports will presented in occasion of the  logistic and transport conference in Chennai/India in November, presented by Mr. Paolo Costa, President of Venice Port Authority.