Notice of Public Tender


Luka Koper d.d., Vojkovo Nabrežje 38, 6501 Koper, Slovenia, holds 1,960,513 shares in the company Intereuropa d.d., Vojkovo Nabrežje 32, Koper, Slovenia. This holding accounts for 24.8% of total Intereuropa stock.

Luka Koper intends to dispose of its holding in Intereuropa, and accordingly, on the basis of this public notice, invites interested parties to participate in a public tender procedure for its stake in Intereuropa. Bids shall be accepted until 12.00 midday CET on Monday 14th February 2011.

Detailed information on the subject of this sale, the terms of the public tender and the proposed purchase contract are available to interested parties in the form of tender documentation. The request for this documentation can be made in writing, by mail, fax or e-mail, to one of the addresses listed below, prior to 12.00 CET midday on 14th January 2011. In any such request, interested parties are asked to state their identification data, provide the name of a contact person and their contact information; the price of this sales documentation amounts to € 500 (inclusive of VAT).

Following the receipt of a request, the interested party shall be issued an invoice, and tender documentation will be sent by email on the basis of the remuneration of this invoice.

Luka Koper warns that it shall not be obliged or liable to conclude any contract on the sale of shares with the highest bidder or any other tenderer on the basis of this tender.  

The invitation is also available in Slovene and English language on the website of Ljubljana Stock Exchange (Seonet).

Tatjana Šavle Čok 
Tel. +386 5 6656 965 
Fax +386 5 6398 040 

Tomaž Deisinger
Tel. +386 5 6656 979 
Fax +386 5 6398 040