Port of Koper and European transport corridors


On Monday 20th February, Luka Koper received a visit from Mr Brian Simpson MEP, Chair of the European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee, and Ms Tanja Fajon MEP. The discussion topic was a new European transport infrastructure regulation proposed by the European Commission last October. 

According to the new proposal, Luka Koper forms part of the Mediterranean Corridor (Corridor 3) linking Algeciras in southern with the . However, Luka Koper disagrees with its exclusion from the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor (Corridor 1), which extends from to the Adriatic ports of Trieste, Venice and Ravenna; although this route passes through , it completely bypasses . Luka Koper wants to be included in the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor, and it also strives to complement the European infrastructure network with a leg from Ljubljana to Munich . Indeed, these transport routes service those countries which are the company's key markets. One third of Luka Koper's annual cargo throughput can be attributed to its Austrian partners, whilst and the Czech Republic account for nearly ten percent. It should also be pointed out that Luka Koper enjoys the highest percentage (60%) of cargo transported by railway among all the North-Adriatic ports.

At the discussions, Brian Simpson emphasised that Koper is not only important for but also the European Union. Its strategic position and connections are a value-adding asset for all of Europe .

The adoption procedure for the new European transport regulation has only just begun. The final decision will be made by the European Parliament and the EU Council. According to authorities, it will be difficult to change the European Commission's proposal due to a number of concerned interests, thus will have to try really hard to convince its European partners as to the validity of its arguments.

From left: Janez Požar, General Director of Maritime Directorate, Ministry of Transport RS, Tanja Fajon, Brian Simpson, Tomaž Martin Jamnik, Vice president, Luka Koper, d.d.