Port of Rijeka – Fifth Star of NAPA


On 29th November 2010, the representatives of the ports of Koper, Trieste, Venice and Ravenna held a meeting in Ravenna and officially confirmed the Port of Rijeka's membership of the North Adriatic Ports Association - NAPA. Upon this occasion, the current President of the Association, Mr Giuseppe Parrello - who is also the President of the Ravenna Port Authority - commented that the experience of Rijeka shall be invaluable in NAPA’s efforts aimed at the promotion of the Northern Adriatic as a common of entrepôt for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Bojan Hlača, President of the Rijeka Port Authority, expressed Rijeka’s intention of becoming a leading NAPA port of entry for Eastern European states.
In addition to pursuing the intensive promotion of the southern gateway to the European continent, the Association is also active in national and European institutions which tailor European transport policy. Thanks to NAPA’s efforts, the Adriatic-Baltic corridor was finally included among the nine high-priority corridors encompassed by the EU directive for the development of railfreight. Further to all this, NAPA presented its activities and plans to international logistics providers at a multidisciplinary conference on transport and logistics held in Opatija (Croatia) in late October.