President of Luka Koper d.d. Management Board, Robert Časar to Co-Preside the Slovene-Hungarian Business Board


Lendava, 17th October 2007
In conjunction with a joint session of their respective governments, businessmen from Hungary and Slovenia today signed the Charter of the Slovenian-Hungarian Business Board in the frontier town of Lendava. Earlier in the day, a memorandum on the establishment of the Board was signed by Slovenia’s Minister of Economy, Mr Andrej Vizjak, and his Hungarian counterpart Mr Janos Koka, in the presence of the Slovene Minister of Finance, Mr Andrej Bajuk, and Minister of Transport, Mr Radovan Žerjav. 
The Slovenian-Hungarian Business Board brings together companies, organisations and private individuals, who share similar interests in co-operation within the markets of both countries. The new Board shall pay particular attention to such fields as information exchange, commercial joint ventures, trade, tourism, scientific and technical development, technology transfer and investment. The Board will also operate as forum and is not registered as a legal entity. Its objective is to protect the interests of its members, facilitate their ventures and investments as well as foster business development; it shall also promote communication among companies, state and social organisations, as well as participate in the activities of government bodies which are aimed at the promotion of economic development and growth. The Board shall be co-presided by two individuals, elected for a two-year period. At Board's first session today in the border town of Lendava, its members (some 30 companies from Slovenia and Hungary) elected Mr Robert Časar, President of the Luka Koper d.d. management Board, as co-president in conjunction with his Hungarian counterpart Mr Peter Lorincze from the Budapest-based company Trigranit Fejlesztesi Rt. The choice of these two individuals is by no means inadvertent, as the companies they head up know both markets very well and have already established excellent mutual relations with partners from both sides of the border.

Further to this, Mr Robert Časar also today signed a letter of intent on the construction of an inland container terminal in Hungary with representatives of the Hungarian logistics cluster and the firm Masped ZRT. In addition to Luka Koper's existing successful relations with these companies, all parties involved share a common interest in investments that look to further develop the fifth European transport corridor. The prime mover in this drive for development is the rapidly growing container traffic between East Asia - principally China - and the countries of Central and East Europe via the Port of Koper. The position of Hungary in the heart of the continent ensures its pre-eminence as a central node in the distribution of container freight.