Slovenian mobile homes via Koper to the Olympic Village in Sochi


The company RC LOG d.o.o. was commissioned by its Russian partner to organise the transport of 50 mobile homes from Slovenia to the Russian city of Sochi. The homes are produced by Slovenian company Sun Roller Adriatica, one of the leading companies in the caravanning market that has been manufacturing innovative mobile living units for more than 45 years. What is interesting about this deal is that the homes are destined to the Olympic Sochi and thus adapted to the Russian market and the weather condition in the city that will host Winter Olympics in February 2014.

Two houses at a time transported by trucks from Črnomelj to Port of Koper. (Photo: RC LOG)

We were told at RC LOG that the dimensions of this special cargo (a home is 8 meters long and a little more than 3 metres wide) require day-to-day coordination among the manufacturer, the Port of Koper and the consignee. Kristjan Grmšek and Gregor Dežjot from RC LOG also confirmed that at the time everything goes as planned. Homes are placed on special trailers and transported to the port by trucks. They will be moved from the warehouse to the ship at the end of the month when the »Olympic« cargo of the Slovenian origin will leave Koper for the Olympic Park situated on the Black Sea coast.

The homes will be stored in our port until the end of the month when they are shipped to Russia. (Photo: Mateja Dominko)