The Austrian and the Slovenian Transport Minister visited Luka Koper


The Austrian Transport Minister Mr. Werner Faymann and his Slovenian colleague Mr. Janez Božič visited yesterday the company Luka Koper. The visit of the high Austrian representative is very important as the major part of the transits (40%) in the Port of Koper are made for the Austrian customers.  Last year 3,571,112 tons of cargo were handled for Austrians and this represents 25% of the total throughput of the Port of Koper. 

Austria is importing via Koper iron ore, phosphate, bauxite, cocks, soy, cars and fuel oil, and exporting mostly timber, cellulose, paper, sugar and steel products.

Luka Koper would like to strengthen its position on the Austrian market in both ways, especially in the field of containers. This is among the most important potentials as up to now we are handling about 20,000 TEUs of the total 300,000 TEUs. The introduction of a block train connection between Koper and Austria is a necessary condition to attain the goal of increasing container flows. 

Beside the market itself, Luka Koper is interested in Austria as a transit territory to reach its neighbouring countries. In this case a modern railway connection with Bayern and the V. corridor is of a crucial importance.