The German Minister for Transport Tiefensee in Luka Koper


Wolfgang Tiefensee the Federal Minister for Transport, Building and Urban development of the Federal Republic of Germany today visited Luka Koper, accompanied by the Slovenian fellow politician, the Minister for Transport of RS mag. Janez Božič. The delegation visited the port area and talked with the Luka Koper Management Board about the possibilities of further cooperation and joint projects for enlargement of traffic between Port of Koper and Germany.  Due to the saturation of North European ports it is important to have well developed port and logistic supply in the South of EU. It was mutually agreed that Luka Koper surely have good possibilities to strengthen its position on German market in the future. Especially after cooperation with car industry and importers of fruit as well as cooperation with the Port of Nurnberg will be enlarged by container railway traffic and new bloc trains with Germany.