The Passenger Terminal in the Port of Koper will soon have a new appearance


Today Mr. Jadran Luin, general director of the Maritime Directorate of the RS and Mr. Aldo Babič, Deputy President of the Management Board of Luka Koper d.d. signed the Agreement about the activity plan for the construction of the building for the passenger maritime terminal.

Luka Koper will construct the building with its on financial means. At the conclusion of the works it will prepare a floors' division plan, which will be the basis for the regulation of property relations and entry in the land register.  The Republic of Slovenia will purchase part of the new building for the Slovenian Maritime Administration from Luka Koper and will arrange the relations with a specific agreement.  For what regards spaces devoted to other services, for example the custom office and police, the parties agreed that this will be subject of the concession agreement between the Republic of Slovenia and the company Luka Koper.

Integral part of the signed agreement is the activity plan, which foresees the demolition of the warehouses number 7 and 8 (building next to the passenger terminal) for August or September this year.  The construction of the new building for the passenger terminal shall begin in January next year and shall be concluded till December 2009. The 10 million Euro heavy investments comprehends a three-floor building, a smaller hotel and congress centre, a restaurant and spaces for all the accompanying activities.