The Port of Koper is the only port in the world certifed with the standard ISO 22000:2005


Today, on the 6th of February 2008 the certificate for the standard ISO 22000:2005 was conferred to the public limited company Luka Koper at the solemn ceremony at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. It is a new standard set by the international organisation for standardisation which uniformed all the so far existing standards in the field of food safety. Luka Koper is among the first companies in Slovenia and the first in the Slovenian transport sector to pass successfully the examination of its food safety management system. Mr. Igor Likar, the president of the SIQ (Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology - Slovenski inštitut za kakovost in meroslovje) explained on that occasion that Port of Koper is the only port in the world with such a certificate. "The SIQ is part of the international netword International Certification Network based in Switzerland. The international network confered one third of all the certificates in the world and the Port of Koper is the only who was certified with the standard ISO 22000:2005."

The standard ISO 22000:2005 is setting requirements for every organisation involved in the food chain who wants to take part equally in the international exchange of food products and food primary materials. The standard ensures that all hazard factors are identified and adequately controlled on every level of food distribution from the producer to the consumer. 

Food products or food primary materials represent an important part of the total throughput of Luka Koper, last year this part amounted to 880,000 tons. The majority of this is represented by cereals and soy, where in the last few years also the throughput of fruit in vegetables is growing rapidly, last year it achieved the mark of 110,000 tons. Till now Luka Koper already conducted all the procedures connected to food stuff in a standardized way that is in accordance to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). The HACCP is a system that enables to identify, evaluate, take measures and control situations of possible hazardous agents present in the food and it is based on prevention. The new certificates ISO 22000:2005 confirms that Luka Koper is capable to master all the eventual hazards that can threat the food safety. This new certificate is also an incentive for its business partners from the logistics sector which deal with food stuff to approach the standard. In this way the transport route via Koper will become recognised also due to a closed chain of certified services in this specific field.