The second railway track to Koper will be finished in 2025


Green light for the railway line between Koper and Divača.

The government of Slovenia adopted yesterday the investment plan for the new railway track between Koper and Divača, which is of highest importance for the future development of the port of Koper. The investment plan is a key document needed to start the works on the biggest publicly funded infrastructure project of Slovenia in the coming years.

As stated by the Minister for infrastructure Alenka Bratušek, there are no fears for the project to be stopped. Dušan Zorko, director general of the state company 2TDK, which is managing the project, said the adoption of the plan means "a green light", allowing 2DTK to introduce the two contractors for the preparation construction works in the next weeks.

The second railway track will be 27 km long. The track will allow for a capacity of 231 trains per day or 43.4 million net tonnes of cargo per year (including the new and the existing track). The end of the construction is planned in 2025 and the beginning of operations is expected at the beginning of 2026. The second track will be a single track with the possibility of future upgrading to a double-track line.

The operations in the Port of Koper and its competitive advantage depend on efficient railway services. Our modal split is manly in favour of rail transport, with 59 percent of the goods that arrived or left the port on rail (based on 2018 figures). As two thirds of the cargo in Koper port gravitate to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, additional rail connections are key to our further development. The company Luka Koper – Port of Koper, who manages the port area, therefore fully supports all activities that lead to the implementation of the project of building the second rail track as soon as possible, since the project is of vital importance for the realization of the company's business strategy, the competitiveness of the port of Koper and the reliability and efficiency of the Slovenian transport and logistics network.