The programme orientation of the new management derives from the existing development strategy of the company and assures continued growth of the quality of the services and partnership relations with all our customers and suppliers.

The Members of the Board agreed about the following area division:

Mr. Robert Časar is representing the company and will be in charge of relations with the State, Municipality of Koper and public relations, further of the infrastructure, legal affairs, organization and human recourses as well as security;

Mr. Marjan Babič, MSc, will take over the finance, accountancy and auditing as well as IT, controlling and quality control; 

Mr. Aldo Babič will be responsible for marketing and sales, representative offices and marketing–operational coordination between the profit centres;

Mr. Pavle Krumenaker will take over the labour rights and the social field, occupational safety & health, investment maintenance, sourcing, relations with the contractors and suppliers as well as innovations and environmental concerns.