Luka Koper achieved a record monthly cargo throughput of 1,605,133 tonnes in October, which is also nearly 20 percent ahead of the average monthly volume for the year as a whole. Between January and October 2008, the company handled 13.5 million tonnes of cargo, some 8 percent more than in the same period in 2007. Two months prior to year’s end, Luka Koper has already accomplished almost 90 percent of its predicted results for 2008. It seems likely that this positive trend will continue over the coming months, thus the company anticipates handling over 16 million tonnes of cargo over the year. These record volumes do not infer that the provision of port and logistics services are immune to global financial crises, but rather that their impact – according to analysts’ predictions – is only expected to influence business next year. This said, however, due to the geo-strategic position of the Port of Koper, the company anticipates that the effects of any impending recession will be greatly mitigated due the increasing gravitation of the markets of Central and Eastern Europe towards Luka Koper in the fulfilment of their overseas trade needs.