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Zaposleni v Luki Koper s svojim znanjem, energijo in delovno vnemo dokazujemo, da smo predani člani kolektiva in dober partner pri doseganju uspešnosti družbe

A Career in Luka Koper

Qualified and motivated human resources are strategic assets and a precondition for the company's achievement of its development goals.

One of the basic guidelines of operations and philosophies at Luka Koper is that qualified and highly motivated human resources are strategic assets of the company. Knowledge, ambition, partnership, respect and responsibility of every individual are the values of Luka Koper which are being carried out in practice.

Employees of Luka Koper

Employees of Luka Koper are people who, based on knowledge, energy and zeal, prove that they are devoted members of the staff and partners in pursuit of the company's success. As the person most directly involved in implementing the work, an employee participates with proposals for improvements, and envisions and co-creates the future of Luka Koper.

The activity carried out by the company requires a flexible approach to work organisation and adaptability is expected also of our co-workers.

Career planning

Planning and implementing of employee development is connected with the annual and long-term goals and plans of the company.
The development of employees refers to ensuring the suitable type and quality of staff through the process of training and education, gaining of work experience, skills and motivation.