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Corporate social responsibility

The company sponsors organizations, as well as individuals, who undertake projects or activities that exert a positive influence on the maintenance and development of the local environment. For this reason Luka Koper has, for many years, been supporting activities in local communities which lies adjacent the port area. The company also supports the Luka Koper Voluntary Fire Brigade as well as its own retirees association, which also extends to the provision of club facilities.
Luka Koper provides assistance in a variety of ways: in addition to making available its know-how, skills, facilities and infrastructure, the company is also an active donor and sponsor. The crucial criterion in the provision of funding is the social relevance of the activity or project in question.

The Coast and Karst region of Western Slovenia boasts an extremely rich cultural heritage, the preservation of which requires considerable support. As a socially committed enterprise Luka Koper has, over the decades, provided substantial assistance in the preservation of the littoral’s diverse heritage, and continues to support ongoing endeavors and events in the field of culture. 
Further to this, our donations contribute to the activities of great many cultural associations and organizations in the broader region.

Based on a firm belief that education provides the foundation for a first-class workforce, as well as a successful company in general, Luka Koper has for several years supported the activities of the University of Primorska (Koper) and the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, which is an integral part of the University of Ljubljana, in the context of which our knowledge and experience has been at their disposal. Further to this, the company contributed to the purchase of outdoor playgrounds and school accessories for kindergartens and elementary schools in Slovenia’s littoral region.

Humanitarian Endeavors and Healthcare
Natural disasters may affect and impoverish a great many people to a degree that it is almost impossible for them to recover by themselves. Under any such circumstances Luka Koper has forever responded dutifully. It has also become something of a tradition for Luka Koper to participate in campaigns aimed at the purchase of medical equipment for healthcare institutions.

Sport plays an important part in the quality of life, thus Luka Koper actively supports sport both locally as well as nationally. The company has supported the Olympic Committee of Slovenia for several years. We are also the main sponsor of the Football Club Luka Koper, Koper women’s volleyball club and the city’s basketball club which both bear the Luka Koper name. In addition, the company provides sport and recreation facilities for its employees, the members of Luka Koper Sports Association. The Association also encompasses the Bowling Section which regularly accomplishes excellent results.

One of Luka Koper ’s main concerns is the natural environment in which it operates, for which reason it has, for several years now, been actively involved in the preservation of the Škocjanski Zatok nature reserve.

For more interesting activities, photos and info on Luka Koper's sponsorships and donations please visit our website – section PEOPLE (also available in English).