A second train, organised by Luka Koper‘s subsidiary Adria Transport d.o.o., has arrived at the newly opened inland terminal in Curtici near Arad. This regular general cargo service between Slovenia and Romania has been established for an existing client, and soon a container freight link will begin operating on this same route.  Slovenske Železnice – Slovenia’s rail network operator – has actively joined this project through the provision of wagons and the organisation of transport along the Slovenian section of the route. Further to providing an excellent basis for the acquisition of cargo on the return leg – i.e. from Romania to the Sežana Inland Terminal and the Port of Koper – the service is also an opportunity for the redirection of cargo from road to rail.

The initiation of this rail service also marks the inauguration of operations at the RailPort Arad terminal, which is due to officially open in early July. This new logistics centre is divided into a container terminal (RailPort Arad) and a general cargo terminal (Trade Trans Terminal Arad), Luka Koper being a shareholder in both operations. The investment decision was for the most part due to the huge potential of the Romanian market. A number of Italian companies operate plants in the western part of the country, and Luka Koper anticipates that a portion of this cargo may be redirected by rail to the Sežana Terminal (which stands on the Italian frontier) and the Port of Koper. At the same time, the Arad terminal operations will also serve as a connection between the Port of Koper and the Black Sea Port of Constanta, with which Luka Koper has concluded a co-operation agreement.