On Wednesday 29th of October the three days lasting international conference Port Management and Logistics, which was organized by Luka Koper the 4th year consecutively, closed its doors.

This year’s lecturers were composed both, by eminent domestic as foreign experts from the field of logistics, transport and maritime affairs. Main topics of five sessions were the advantages of ports in the Adriatic Sea, land terminals, the liberalization of railways, environmental trends and development opportunities searched and offered by India. This year’s conference was marked by the questions arising from the economic crisis and the consequences of an unfavorable economic climate that will influence the logistic sector. The participants despite the sensitive topic agreed that the phenomenon also opens new opportunities for more flexible and sustainable oriented ports, among which we can certainly include also Luka Koper. With deliberate preliminary planning and optimization of existing capacities and processes, Luka Koper will try to mitigate the consequences of economic shocks and therefore the exchange of experience with the international expert public was extremely welcomed.