The event was organized by the Barcelona Port Authority. The subject of the conference was very topical since electric vehicles are increasingly gaining ground and bringing about important changes in the sphere of the automotive industry and transport routes, including ports. In addition to the project’s partners, the event was also attended by electric-vehicle manufacturers Renault, Nissan and Toyota.     

Sales of electric vehicles in Europe are increasing sharply and logistics players will have to adapt to these trends. The Port of Barcelona and the Port of Koper, as the leading Mediterranean ports in terms of car cargo and partners in the CarEsmatic project, are keeping a close eye on automotive industry trends. Both ports are already working on improving their environmental management systems and energy efficiency, including acquiring electric vehicles for their own needs. As part of the project, both ports plan to set up trial electric filling stations, which will be tested by Neptune Lines, one of the leading ship-owners in the Mediterranean.

During the conference in Barcelona, the participants had the opportunity to observe the construction work being done on the port’s basic infrastructure as part of the CarEsmatic project. The activities now underway are aimed at adapting the current internal rail network at the Car Terminal to three different track gauges, including the European standard gauge. In the Port of Koper, on the other hand, project activities will comprise the setting up of Railway Tracks VI and the construction of a RO-RO berth in Basin III.