At Luka Koper, we have been committed to a responsible attitude towards the environment for many years. Among other things, we have introduced measures that not only meet legislative requirements, but also best practices for different areas of the port’s environmental impact. One of these is the management of air-quality impacts in the port. Research has shown that 50% of emissions in the port area are caused by ships. Therefore, at Luka Koper we intend and are working to involve shipowners in activities to reduce environmental pollution.

As part of this, we have been working on the introduction of the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) system as one of the projects of the International Association of Ports and Harbours. It is a voluntary scheme used by ports to incentivise and reward cleaner and more environmentally friendly ships. The system involves 56 ports and 6,840 ships, which receive varying levels of relief from charges based on a certain score.

By introducing the ESI system, we want to attract as many ships as possible with state-of-the-art engines and cleaner propulsion systems to the port, thus reducing emissions into our atmosphere. Therefore, we will allow ships with lower emissions of air pollutants that are part of the ESI scheme to pay lower port dues. The amount of the allowance is determined based on the scoring carried out under the ESI scheme in line with International Maritime Organisation standards. The maximum point value is 100 points, awarded to ships that produce no or negligible exhaust emissions when berthed in port.

Based on this, we have updated the existing Port Dues Tariff by considering the models of other ports and the number or type of ships visiting the Port of Koper. The concessions apply only to ships that are included in the ESI scheme and meet one of the conditions set out in the Port Dues Tariff. Ships included in the ESI scheme and scoring between 30 and 49.9 points inclusive shall be charged the dues set out in point 1 of the Port Dues Tariff, reduced by 5%. Ships scoring 50 points or more in the scheme shall be charged the dues set out in point 1 of the Port Dues Tariff, reduced by 10%. The maximum one-off discount is €1,000.