A numerous group of Slovenian state and business representatives is on visit these days to Teheran, including representatives of Luka Koper. On today’s Iran-Slovenia business conference, Mr Andraž Novak, member of the management board of Luka Koper, stressed the positive effects of the lifting of economic sanctions against Iran January this year, which revived the regular shipping service of the HDS Lines with the port of Koper. Because of this we registered a boost in Iranian container volumes since July this year. An important cargo flow is represented by regular shipments of railway tracks coming from Austria via Koper to Iran. In the period January – October 2016 we handled a total of 28,000 tons of goods for Iran.

In Luka Koper we wish to re-establish good business relations with Iran, which in the past were very intensive, that’s why we made a series of talks with representative of various industries. The visit of the president of the republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor together with ministers for economy and foreign affairs and the re-opening of the Slovenian embassy in Iran are an excellent starting point for a new chapter in business relations with Iran.